We see patients who are covered by private health insurance and self paying patients.

Fee Information for Insured Patients:

Our clinicians are recognised by all major insurers; including BUPA, Aviva and AXA PPP.  Most insurance companies pay fees in full, however with some there may be a small shortfall. Please check your policy with your insurance company prior to visiting.

Fee Information for Self Paying Patients:

We understand that cost can be an important factor when considering private health services. We have a transparent approach to our fees and offer packages where possible to ensure clarity upfront whilst keeping our costs as low as possible.  Our fees for self paying patients are listed below.

New Consultation

Follow-up Consultation

New Consultation & Ultrasound Scan

Early Pregnancy Scan (pre 13 weeks)
Performed by a Sonographer

Early Pregnancy Packages

Our current early pregnancy package fees are listed below.

If you are a self paying patient considering booking in for a package please discuss with the practice secretary.

Complete Early Pregnancy Care:

Early pregnancy consultation and viability scan (6 to 8 weeks)
Includes early pregnancy consultation and viability scan (6 to 8 weeks)

Complete Early Pregnancy Care (6 to 13 weeks)
Includes early pregnancy consultation and viability scan (6 to 8 weeks), sonographer scan (8 weeks), Harmony Test, Nuchal Translucency Test, Nutritional Consultation

Additional Charges

Urine dipstix and blood pressure will be measured at every visit to London Gynaecology, however if the urine dipstick test shows and abnormality the sample may meed to be sent to the laboratory for further testing for infection and this incurs an extra charge of £78.

Routine antenatal blood tests* are advised for all women before 10 weeks and these will be done at an additional cost of £540 if booking for antenatal care at The Portland Hospital.  If booking for antenatal care via the NHS these tests will be performed by the NHS at a later date.

Harmony test / NIPT: Please note, the blood test will be performed by a nurse either on-site at The Portland Hospital (a phlebotomy fee will apply- £55) or this can be performed at two convenient locations, a short distance away at no extra charge, 111 Harley Street a short walk, or our clinic at 15 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HE (15 minutes away by tube). Please contact our team if you have any queries.

Any charges will always be clarified prior to undertaking the test.