Complete Early Pregnancy Care

Our Early Pregnancy Care package provides full support to mum and baby in those early weeks and months until the end of the all important first trimester.

Who is it for?

Women who have just discovered they are pregnant and have possibly suffered previous pregnancy loss and want to regularly check on their baby.

Why have early pregnancy care?

The first trimester, is a challenging time for the fetus and the mother. The fetus is maturing quickly and your body is starting to adapt to the pregnant state.

Our Early Pregnancy Care Package is designed to give you the confidence, support and guidance you need in this period. We undertake the all-important first trimester fetal checks as well as checking the mother’s well-being too at regular intervals.  Our consultants are here to answer your concerns and with our scanning facility are able to check on the baby regularly.

What does it involve?

  • 2 * 30 minute consultations with consultant gynaecologist
  • 4 * ultrasound scans as follows:
    • 6 weeks (placement scan)
    • 8 weeks (viability & dating scan)
    • 10 weeks scan with Harmony Test*
    • 12 weeks Nuchal translucency scan*
  • Urine dipstix and blood pressure check at each visit to London Gynaecology
  • Harmony Test checking for trisomy 21,18 or 13 (including CVS (placental biopsy) if the Harmony Test shows an abnormal result)*
  • Nuchal translucency test (scan and blood test)*
  • Nutritional consultation with nutritional therapist
  • Advice regarding pregnancy care
  • An additional consultation at 13 weeks if required can be added at a further cost.

Antenatal bloods can be added at an incremental charge, these include: Full blood count, blood group and rhesus type, atypical antibody screen, haemoglobin electrophoresis, syphilis, rubella, toxoplasma, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, varicella zoster, HIV tests, vitamin D, thyroid function, CMV, blood glucose and urine culture.

*Tests undertaken in partnership with the Fetal Medicine Centre, Harley Street, London.

Additional Charges

It is important that the Harmony Test and nuchal translucency scan are performed at 10 and 12 weeks otherwise a further charge of £100 may be incurred.

In certain circumstances an additional scan may be required, if this is performed by The Portland Hospital ultrasound unit and not our consultant team there may be an incremental charge of £150.

In some instances if additional appointments are required they will be charged for.

Urine dipstix and blood pressure will be measured at every visit to London Gynaecology, however if the urine dipstick test shows and abnormality the sample may need to be sent to the laboratory for further testing for infection and this incurs an extra charge of £78.

Routine antenatal blood tests are advised for all women before 10 weeks and these will be done at an additional cost of £470 if booking for antenatal care at The Portland Hospital.  If booking for antenatal care via the NHS these tests will be performed by the NHS at a later date.

Any charges will always be clarified prior to undertaking the test.

Please note our early pregnancy packages are only available at The Portland Hospital.


  • £1340
  • £1810 (including antenatal blood tests)

To book an appointment now please call:

0207 10 11 700